Nathanson Family Resilience Center

The Nathanson Family Resilience Center conducts research and provides an array of programs in resiliency training to military families and veterans facing the challenges of deployment and reintegration. Project FOCUS, offered at military bases across the United States and to families of patients receiving treatment through Operation Mend at UCLA, helps to improve the lives of families facing the loss of a parent or parental depression, medical illness, and wartime exposure. The NFRC team has partnered with Volunteers of America and US Vets to deliver FOCUS prevention services for female veterans and their children in transitional housing facilities in the Long Beach and San Pedro areas. The Nathanson Center also helps families strengthen and renew family relationships in a U.S. National Park setting through the National Military Family Association's Operation Purple Camps. The Welcome Back Veterans Family Resilience Center integrates research, practice and technology to provide a continuum of family and community interventions — including web-based tools, education and training materials — that can be implemented in a variety of contexts. Video interview with FOCUS director.

Please visit the Nathanson Family Resilience Center website for additional information about their services.