UCLA Housing

UCLA Campus

While attending UCLA, students have a wide variety of options available to them that span a range of prices and locations. Each student should choose the option that feels right, whether that be on- or off-campus, in single housing or in family housing, etc. Explore your options in the links below, and use the UCLA Housing Application if you decide to pursue a university-affiliated option. 

Housing Options

University Owned Properties

UCLA offers a wide variety of property types that are attractive, accessible, and affordable for students who are single, partnered, or raising children. 

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Privately Owned Properties

The neighborhoods around L.A. provide unique rental options that can fit any student's lifestyle. 

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University Cooperative Housing Association

The University Cooperative Housing Association provides affordable housing to qualified students, visiting scholars, and faculty of UCLA. The Co-op offers reasonably priced accommodations to those who may not be able to afford alternatives.

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