Frequently Asked Questions

Do I apply as a freshman student or transfer student?

If you graduated from high school but have never attempted any coursework at a college or university after graduating, then you would be considered a freshman.

If you have ever enrolled at a college or university, then you would be applying as a transfer student.  UCLA admits only junior-standing transfers and you must meet the requirements for junior-level transfer admission.  You cannot disregard college work and apply as a freshman. 

Do veterans qualify for the application fee waiver?

The application fee waiver is part of the application process and not an automatic qualification.  Apply UC (the UC online application) determines whether you’re qualified for the application fee waiver based on the income information you provide.

How do I apply to UCLA as a veteran?

The application process for veterans is the same as any freshman or transfer applicant. Veteran applicants are held to the same requirements, standards, and deadlines as all other applicants, but we do consider your military service and experiences during the review of your application.

Do you take late applications for veterans?

Late applications are rare and are allowed on a case-by-case basis. If you have an extenuating circumstance or particular reason for requesting this accommodation, UCLA will consider your request, and may allow you to submit after the application deadline.

Can I apply to UCLA under multiple majors?

You can only apply to one major and will be reviewed for that major. Students often supplement their major with a minor. Double majoring is an option as well, though students will discuss this option with an academic counselor once they are admitted. 

What credit will I be awarded for my military training?

You will receive very limited transfer credit from your military training. College/university courses from regionally accredited institutions that are comparable to coursework offered at the University of California will receive transfer credit. For example: we may award very few units for basic training on your JST, but English Composition 1 taken at Central Texas College would be ok. Distance/online college/university courses are ok. The point is that they are taught and recorded by a regionally, accredited institution.

Do the classes I took in the military count as college coursework?

The majority of military courses focus on technical/applied study. UC courses focus on research and theoretical subjects. You may receive limited credit for physical activity and/or leadership courses, but do not count on your military coursework to provide you with the minimum 60 semester/90 quarter units necessary for transfer eligibility.

How is military service viewed in the application process?

Military service alone does not automatically ensure/influence our admission decision-making.  Our admission review is holistic. We emphasize strong academic preparation and performance, however, we consider personal achievements and individual opportunities – such as employment, family responsibility, military service, etc - circumstances that go beyond the academic elements.

We encourage students to discuss their military service, experience, training, etc. in the employment history and personal statements.  If there were personal/work circumstances that affected your college performance during a particular period [for example: you were completing distance education courses while deployed], you may address these challenges in the personal statement.

Detailed information about our admission selection process, including statistics about our admitted classes, may be found at:

Where can I go for assistance with my application?

The Veteran Liaison Admission Officers can help with any application-related question. Contact them at In your email, please address the following:

-Are you a prospective freshman or transfer applicant?

-In which major(s) are you interested?

Also include:

-Unofficial copies of your high school or college transcripts

-Joint Services Transcript (JST)

-Specific questions you have regarding eligibility or admission